Friday, October 25, 2013

Women’s Issues: How To Get Over A Breakup

268_breakup-warning-signs_flashWe all have been through this and it’s never easy but in time it’s the best learning lesson ever.

Basic Tips

1. Deal with your emotions, this is so important to let out your feelings and share them with friends and family. Talking about it is the best stress reliever, you don’t want to hold it all inside.

2. Try to stay active and busy and get out for a simple cup of coffee or meet friends for lunch. It’s not fair to stop living (even though it may hurt) you have to gain the strength and confidence that this obstacle you will win.

3. Get involve in activities like a new workout, dance class or a hobby that you’ve always been interested in. Focus on that new or existing goal that will keep your mind focus and in check.

4. Avoid calling your ex, and viewing any social media platforms that they might be on. It’s going to make the healing process more difficult and at the end of the day are they sitting back sweating you?

5. Once you have felt a bit at ease with the breakup it’s time to treat yourself maybe with a fabulous new hair style or a few stunning items to put a smile on your face. This doesn’t mean chop your hair off or become in debt on a shopping spree. It just allows you to take care of yourself with a little pampering. Because you must look more fabulous, be more smarter and fearless for the next one.

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