Saturday, October 12, 2013

To The Readers


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I am sure you’re surprise there’s a new layout, so I am. I’ve been having trouble with the Blogger platform for a few weeks not sure what technical issues are going on but I was a bit force to do this layout since my other one disappeared strangely. I am not a PRO at this I know the basics and a few extra things but I really don’t have the patience or time so it will stay like this for now. As you know everything from my brand has launched for the month the beauty products and trends, below are a few pictures for any new followers. Plus for the Columbus Holiday enjoy a Free Gala Lipstick shade Mioselle with any purchase ends 10/14 Remember the next set of Fashion Trends launches in a few weeks.

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Upcoming Posts: Fall/Winter Boot Trends, Puffy Coats under $50

Upcoming Videos: 3 Beauty Looks For The Season

Upcoming Giveaways: OCC, NAIR, INSIDE MY CLOSET

The blog will be live on Tuesday the 15th, enjoy your holiday and stay updated with me on my social media platforms

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