Friday, September 13, 2013

Women’s Issues: Skipping Period The New Trend

Our monthly cycle is one of the most annoying perks that us women have been gifted with and we all don’t enjoy. But we are glad when it comes too if you know what I mean. In a recent Glamour Magazine feature a large amount of women are skipping their monthly periods by avoiding the week off their birth control. Sounds very interesting and amazing at the same time. Now for those women who are on birth control or have taken it before you know that you get one week off and that is usually when your favorite friend shows up. But women are instead continuing to stay on it without a break and they never seem to get that red dot. Some women say they haven’t seen their period in years which seems very unbelievable. I love the sound of this but you do have to talk it over with your doctor before you act on this just so their in the loop as well.  The skipping period trend does sound amazing but seems like it could be risky somewhere down the line. Have any of you ladies heard of it or are apart of this trend?

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