Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Congrats to Cutegip e.l.f Nail Polish, Madelyn Jurado Purple Hi-Lo Dress, Hollisterrox0 Floral Pants, Citrastar88 Blue Fringe Top, Zoee Canoe Black Dress, Alexia Polasky Tribal Dress, Aitch77 Peplum Top, MsCocaCola85 Ofra Lipgloss, Haley Glamour Teal Dress, NenaNena9 Laura Geller.

Please send your full info to cpd@glitterbuzzstyle.com by 9/26/13 9am est or new winners will be selected. Please note giveaways will be shipped out within 3-7 days of this date 9/26/13.

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If you didn’t win no worries upcoming giveaways on Kmart, Maybelline Polka Dot Nail Polish Collection, Nair

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