Saturday, July 13, 2013

A Look At Me: Atlantic City


This will be my third time enjoying a break in Atlantic City and it was during the 4th of July. Below are images of a few of my moments there.

photo (75)photo (60)

Revel is the resorts where I always stay, it’s the sleek building with the globe on the top. The place feels luxurious and you can get a good pricing deal if you book during the week from $80-$250. It’s so massive inside and they have tons of lounge style sitting for you to enjoy a convo or just sip a cocktail.This time I did some shopping at The Row and they also have the Tanger Outlets where you get extra discounts on designer finds. I did get 2 pair of shoes and a bag ; )

 photo (90)photo (89)photo (59)photo (94)photo (91)photo (95)photo (92)photo (97)

photo (62)

photo (86)photo (61)

Relish is a new restaurant that opened and it was the best thing for Revel because it’s very affordable, perfect for families and it’s the only food place open 24 hours. Their breakfast is very good that’s the only time I tried the menu, love the chicken and waffles and omelets.

photo (64)photo (65)photo (88)photo (87)

My favorite place to go as soon as I arrive is the Mussel Bar. If you go Sunday-Thursday for happy hour the food is $5 and so are the drinks. Unfortunately that weekend we missed that fabulous deal! But I still enjoyed a Kir Royal, mussels, shrimp and crab cake.

photo (108)photo (105)photo (100)photo (107)

photo (99)

Below are images of a small part on the Atlantic City boardwalk, you’ll find a ton of restaurants, other hotels, lounges and my addiction a mini amusement park. Which next time I will get on one of the rides but that day all the little babies were there.

photo (109)photo (78)photo (76)photo (66)photo (69)photo (73)photo (72)photo (70)

photo (71)

Well here are the images of me just enjoying the moment. I never really was dressed up only on Saturday night and I forgot to snap a picture of course!! But for the most part I was casual with no makeup just some pop on the lips. Plus I played Roulette again lost the first night and won on my last night. ; ))

photo (74)photo (84)photo (79)photo (82)photo (96)photo (104)photo (83)photo (103)

photo (85)

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nena said...

Looks like you had a great time! The place looks fabulous and so do you. It's ao nice to get away even if it's only for a short period of time.


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