Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Women’s Issues Topics Series 5 + Beauty Giveaway

My family and I are back with our Women’s Issues Topics Series 5. This time we answer your questions on the following
1. How to know when your man is committed
2. When a woman becomes a mother should she cut her hair or stop going to trendy stores
3. How to deal with going into business with family
4. Do we ever regret wearing past outfits in public
5. What's my mom's favorite things about her daughters
6. How to deal with people who take advantage of you
7. How do I find the time to make videos plus spend time with friends and family.
And Inside our recent purchases, and trends.

Giveaway ends 6/13/13 on J aime Eye Lashes, Vitivia Skincare Capsules and Embryolisse Nourishing Moisturizer.
Just give us 2 questions on any topic, person with best question will win. Winner will be posted on the blog and via Twitter.

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Unknown said...

1.) What are some tips on how to get along with your Mother-In-Law ?

Unknown said...

2.) I don't know how to really form this into a question, but what if you are woman do NOT want to get married ?

Sherry ann gole cruz said...

what to do if your man cheat on you but your kids dont want you to be separated from your husband?

tips to be beautiful upon facing a very difficult problem?


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