Friday, June 21, 2013

Trends: Top Summer Hair Shades


When the summer heat kicks up us ladies love to play around with a new hairstyle or color shade. If you’re thinking about brightening your locks for the season the top 2 trendy shades are bombshell blonde and flirty ombre.

The blonde look for the summer is much bolder it gives a stronger impact on the face and pops with color or a simple classic black.

The ombre effect can be your next new look by doing a lighter highlight shade on top or keeping it dark at the roots and going all out at the ends. (If you’re not into dying your hair always go for those easy hair extensions for a temporary makeover).

The summer season is all about being playful, trying something new but also keeping things to a low maintenance.

What Hair Trends Will You Be Trying For The Summer Season?

1 comment:

nena said...

Well I just chopped my hair off yesterday so I definitely went with a new fresh style for summer. As for color, I'm still debating whether to lighten it up a bit.


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