Friday, June 14, 2013

Trends: Summer Party Ideas

GLÄNTA Bread basket IKEA The sides can be folded in to keep the bread warm.

GLÄNTA Bread basket, assorted colors $7.99

These are great not only for bread but you can put fruit in them for a morning brunch or do cute decorations matching the basket as center pieces on a dinning room table.


Looking to add some beachy flavor to your next pool party? A few arrangements of these could be displayed around your patio or poolside area, switch up the sand shade to colors like aqua and teal.

Stacking Armchair – Citron $79.95

Add some pop to your outdoor sitting, you don’t need to buy a ton of chairs just a few as accent pieces. Fun colors that attract for a good time are lime green, lavender and a burnt orange. If you’re on a tight budget you can also go for bold seat cushions as well.

Balloon Lights: 5 Assorted Colors LED 5 Balloons $8.00

If you’re having a nighttime celebration do it big with light up balloons they come in many signature shades. The lights can stay on or you can set them to a blinking effect, great addition for a birthday bash.


For a couples theme party with friends make the scene more intimate with a simple votive style. Get a few sets of vases, any color votive of your choice along with either the flower head or a full stem and tie it to the vase with sparkly ribbon. It’s simple and all can be purchase at your local craft store.

Oval Paper Lantern

Oval Paper Lantern $3.65-$4.61

Paper lanterns are so fun for the summer season especially in amazing colors. Hang them on the trees, along side a balcony or stand them up in front of the entrance of your home. These are fun for kids and adult parties.

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nena said...

Summertime means many family get togethers and nighttime partying. These are great ideas to use to make the gatherings more festive. I love any decor that lights up.


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