Friday, June 28, 2013

To The Readers

Happy Weekend


So glad we all made it through another week and can officially enjoy this amazing weekend ; ) The NYC/NJ area is in a heat wave the weather has been extremely hot and uncomfortable. Although I LOVE the summer season my sunblock protection isn’t doing it’s job, lol. Any of you ladies dealing with high temperatures, how are you doing it?

Next week the blog will only be updated Monday-Wednesday I am taking a 4th of July holiday but do expect some random pictures and videos on my social media feeds like Twitter, Vine, Facebook and Instagram.

Next week on the blog

Upcoming Posts: Beauty: Summer Nail Sets, Shoes: Under $50

Upcoming Videos: Beauty Review: mark. Summer Beauty, How To Walk In Heels

Upcoming Giveaways: G Swag Bag, mark.

Plus ladies enjoy 30% off all products from my cosmetics line the sale will end on 6/30 11:59pm est..



Thanks again for all the support #GlitterITCrew hope you ladies have a wonderful weekend!



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nena said...

Missed the Friday post again! Time is flying by. We are unfortunately having some really really hot days here in Central Cali. We have been hitting 111 degrees the last couple of days. I have been keeping my kids inside and blasting the AC. we have been making our living room really dark and having movie days during this heat.


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