Friday, June 21, 2013

To The Readers

Happy Weekend


Happy, happy weekend so glad to see it and I hope it doesn’t go by so quickly. I’ve been so MIA on this blog/Facebook/Twitter this week because of meetings in NYC and I have family visiting from Florida as well. As much as I wanted to get posts up and of course YouTube videos it just wasn’t going to happen. Next week I still have a busy schedule which includes events too so I am thinking if posts aren’t up within my Mon-Fri I will plan for a Saturday posting ; )

Upcoming Posts: Trends: Tropical Prints, Maternity: Night Out Looks

Upcoming Videos: How To Walk In Heels, Nail Tutorial: The Diamond Effect

Upcoming Giveaways: mark. and Senna Cosmetics

Thanks again ladies for supporting the blog, my cosmetics line and my Facebook page you all have been amazing #GlitterITCrew



1 comment:

nena said...

Ugh, I can't belive how fast the days/weeks are going by. You are one busy girl, but I love your passion. I'm just glad to see posts whenever you get them up.


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