Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Trends: Peplum Pants

The first chatter about this trend had to be when Kim Kardashian stepped out her door wearing a snakeskin peplum pant, the fashion police were out to dish on her non-flattering style. But these trendy pants did grace the runways for fashion week with a bit more couture to the style but same hot and cold feeling regarding the trend.

So we hunted to see how popular the trend ranked this season and four key styles came up.


Peplum pants $30.80

It’s a great color for the spring and summer season but it doesn’t really make a fashion statement, the style is very cheap looking and as women we’re always aiming for GLAMOUR.


Peplum Skinny Pant – $58.00

This style could be workable since it’s white and would look pretty with a black/white mix or a nude/pale pink top to get it more appeal.


Electric Bloom Peplum Pant $78.00

The vibrant factor is all there but it’s a bit dramatic and cartoonish looking. It could work for a 80’s theme b-day party.


Costume Dept - Women's Peplum Leggings $65

These are fun and do have a stronger style presence to it, but it seems more of a performance style possibly for celebrities like Beyoncé .


Overall the peplum pants trend is one style that’s not a must have for this season or the upcoming seasons. Stick to the standard styles of peplum trends that cater to looking feminine, chic, and versatile like these below.

What’s Your Thoughts On The Peplum Pants?

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1 comment:

nena said...

I agree with you on this one, it is not a spring trend I would be indulging in. I love Kim Kardashian and I think she always looks fabulous in anything, but even this trend did absolutely nothing for her. Who thought of peplum pants anywaya?? Haha.


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