Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Top 5 Date Night Ideas

Date Night Ideas

Whether you’re new on the dating scene or have been coupled up in a long-term relationship date nights are always a fun way to bring some excitement in the mix. With many of us on tight schedules, taking care of the kids or those that are wrapping up their last exams before graduation we seem to forget about taking a moment to enjoy simply having a good time. When planning for a date night it doesn’t have to be at night it could be at any time but it should always be outside of the home so you’re free of distractions.

Here are the top 5 that most enjoy doing on a Date Night.

1) Going To A Comedy Show – This can help with releasing any tension or stress that might be going on, having a good laugh and enjoying others company makes for a good scenario.

2) Play Strangers In Your Own Town – If you have been married for many years or dating this could be a great option. You can always replay your first date by going to the same location and relive that night again or twist it up with role playing and act like strangers. Don’t be afraid to have fun with it.

3) Plan A Picnic- Find a great location with beautiful scenery and make or buy his/her favorite dishes. Make it romantic and intimate with a bottle of champagne or exchange notes/cards expressing how the person makes you feel.

4) The Spa – A couples massage is very ideal for both of you to enjoy some pampering, relaxation and conversation. It’s a great setting to keep the mind calm and just be in the moment.

5) Take A Dance Lesson – Work a sweat on the dance floor by taking a fun class like Tango or Salsa, it’s all about having that quality time together regardless if you step on his feet and vice versa. Pick something different and unique and go with the flow.


What Date Night Ideas Can You Share?

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nena said...

I love the idea of going back and re-creating your very first date. I would love to do this with my husband. And you are right, I think a date night should be outside of the home, it makes it less likely that you will get distracted by the household surroundings. I think another great idea would be to take a cooking class together. I think as long as you are together and focused on each other you will have a wonderful date night. Sometimes for a married couple, just going out to a nice restaurant without the kids is a big date night. I know I really enjoy doing this with my husband, even if it is only once every few months that we get to do it.


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