Friday, May 24, 2013

Style: Top Colors + Trends For Your Home

Summer is approaching time to do a small home makeover that will add some style and a fun fresh look. No need to spend a ton on trends buy the basics or transitional designs that go into the Fall season.


Every room needs a pop of color just to give it a change from the same look that you’ve seen for quite some time. You can invest in a new sofa, paint a rusty coffee table or even change the lamp shades to a floral, bold pop or creative your signature look.

Upgraded Headboard

The place where you luxuriate should be the most glamorous room and extremely comfy. Too add that glamour effect change up your headboard with a soft neutral shade, something unique or go all out on the design. Keep a various range of pillows in different shapes and textures for a fluffed out look.

Dana Bedroom Set

Colored Walls

The simplest way to change up a room is with some paint so find a nice shade that you’ve been eyeing and add it in your weekend project. Do one wall or even a small section if you’re not 100 percent on the shade. Blend home accessories like flowers, vases or candles to make the transition easy as well.

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Top 5 “IT” Colors

Greens, Corals, Blues, Berries and Tangerine.

Add these colors in this summer to any room in your home or for those outdoor parties.

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