Friday, May 17, 2013

Beauty: The Glamorous Life

We all love the glamorous things in life as women even if the price tag is more than we can afford. At times a little treat can always help boost our mood whether it’s buying your first pair of designer shoes, treating yourself to a weekend getaway with the girls or splurging on the latest summer handbag. We all deserve a taste of the glamorous life!


We love the glamorous look of AERIN Beauty because it’s sleek and luxurious, it’s the perfect beauty necessity that’s shows off fashion and also sophistication.

Limited Edition Lipstick, Camellia $30

Limited Edition Floral Illuminating Powder $55

Limited Edition Face Palette, Garden Bloom $70

Perfume bottles always makes a glamorous statement when the details are beyond perfection and elegance. The look of Oscar de la Renta gives class on your vanity set while you work your best LBD and glitz!

Oscar de la Renta Oscar Parfum $102

Bright nails and bold eyes are always glamorous, we love the fierceness of YSL Rose shade for a day into night look and with a powerful brush on the volume effet makes things extra sultry.

Yves Saint Laurent Limited Edition Babydoll La Lacque, Rose $25

Yves Saint Laurent Babydoll Volume Effet Faux Cils Mascara $30

We all love to be unique in our own way it makes us all extra glamorous and we enjoy that Olympia Le-Tan has created an original and elegant handmade clutch exclusively for LancĂ´me featuring their fab Rouge lipsticks and intense Vernis lacquers. Only 100 available to the most intriguing and flawless, isn’t that you!

Lancome Limited Edition Olympia Le-Tan Minaudiere $1500

We love a little sparkle and we love this “IT” color for the summer season, it brings instant glamorous effects to your whole persona. Dabble it on with your white maxi dress, that retro black and white bathing suit or out with your beau for a night of innocent fun ; )

Tom Ford Beauty Limited Edition Nail Lacquer, Vapor $30

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nena said...

It is nice to splurge once in a while. Splurging can also mean different things to different people. It just depends what your budget is and what you are interested in. Splurge on what makes you happy.


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