Monday, April 8, 2013

Women’s Issues: Plan A Monthly Girls Night

As women it’s so important to make time for yourself after preparing the dinner, helping the little one’s with homework or just taking a break from your guy for a few fun hours. Planning a monthly Girls Night is something that would bring you and your girlfriends closer and also give you a fun activity to look forward to. Within this time use it to talk about any issues in life that you could be dealing with and might need a listening ear or a bit of advice on. Do things that are fun or a bit out of your comfort zone to break any fear or lack of confidence that you may have.

Don’t limit your time with your girlfriends to just a night out, you can always incorporate a monthly brunch, coffee at the new town café or even do a fun sleepover at the home if your schedule doesn’t allow you to be out of the house for a long period. Compromising will play a huge role when deciding when to fit this in but make it work. The moment with your girlfriends is all about good times and letting your hair down so do limit that gossip chat, and keep it drama free.

And remember just because you have kids, are married or in a relationship doesn’t mean you stop enjoying yourself. Keeping a social life, sharing laughable moments, and enjoying wonderful friends makes life more fun.


How Often Do You Have A Girls Night?


ms.penny said...

I just joined a sisterhood,so I'm getting out,at least twice a month with the ladies.

Anonymous said...

Love the ending. It's indeed very true. I use to be all about home and kids and never took time out for me. When I finally did, I felt more relaxed and liberated. Great post!!!

nena said...

This is such a wonderful post, by far one of ny favorite this month. I think we as women often forget that we need to take time for ourselves, especially after we become mothers. I think sometimes society makes us feel guilty if we give ourselves some attention or pampering. We feel guilty if we go for a pedicure or out for a glass of wine while our kids are at home or with the grandparents . But we need to remember that we need to "get away" from the daily routine that we are often in and we find that it rejuvenated us and allows us to resume our roles as wife and mother in a much better light. I know that I often struggle with this myslef so it is so refreshing to hear it from someone else. Thank you!


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