Friday, April 19, 2013

To The Readers


Happy Weekend


I am so ready to relax this weekend, it’s been a super busy week with working on marketing for my brand and balancing my events schedule as well. I love to stay busy but sometimes I never know when to stop and breathe. That’s something that I need to work on because at times you can miss out on the small things that you fail to enjoy. Also some prior upcoming posts and upcoming giveaways were delayed because of my schedule but they will be on the blog I usually will tweet a sneak peek ; )

Coming up on the blog…

Upcoming Giveaways: Amarte Skincare, bareMinerals Pt.1, Target, Forever 21

Upcoming Posts: Style: How to Mix Patterns + Prints, Trends: Knuckle Rings, Beauty: Top 5 Splurges

Upcoming Videos: Women’s Issues Topics, Events: Inside Dukes and Duchess Launch Party, Review +Tutorial: mark. Spring Items

As always thanks to all that have purchased GlitterBuzzStyle Cosmetics, please continue to share your pictures I will be adding pictures and video on the website soon. And next week we will debut beauty set combos so check back. Stay updated with the Facebook page it’s updated daily and with surprise giveaways as well.

Have a safe and exciting weekend, hope to chat with you on Twitter #GlitterItCrew



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nena said...

You really do need to slow down every once in a while to just savor the moment and take it all in. I know that is easier said than done, but just try it, even if you only slow down for 5 minutes. No worries on any delays, you work at your pace, we are here to keep up with whatever you post. I am looking forward to future giveaways and posts. Most excited about the knuckle ring trend insight. Hope you have a fabulous weekend and hope to catch you in the Twitter world.


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