Friday, April 5, 2013

Style: Romantic Lingerie


Sometimes it’s hard to find a beautiful style of lingerie without it being too sexy or just too boring for display. As women we want to look and feel beautiful as well especially when we are trying to play the sexy and romance card with our beau. Feminine styles that add that romancing touch would be lace, sheer, light blush shades and of course a candy apple red. It’s always best to have at least two great looks for each season just to keep things lively and to make you feel more confident with your body as well.

Here is why we love the above styles: Lacey Babydoll $38.00 (Take 50% off) The color is gorgeous for spring/summer it can be romantic and sexy at the same time, Lace Trim Satin Slip $38-$42 It’s classy,glamorous and gives the perfect look, Brigitte Babydoll $22.00 (Take 50% off) It’s flirty, playful and red is a total eye catcher, Betsey Johnson Babydoll Set $72 it gives a bolder approach but it still captures beauty, Satin Halter Slip $48 it’s a lovely style that brings pure elegance and it comes in a beauty of colors.

Do You Find It Difficult Shopping For Romantic Lingerie?


nena said...

I do sometimes find it difficult to find romantic lingerie. I think when you are still in the dating stages of a relationship, nothing is really too sexy. Once you enter the marriage stage, it is hard to find a balance between sexy and classy. I think lace is the way to go because it is romantic and doesn't give everything away. Sheer material can be extremely sexy and every woman should incorporate this into their lingerie drawer.

Yolanda said...

I love the Betsy Johnson babydoll set. Too sexy!!!


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