Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Shoe Buzz: Taylor Says


The shoe designer behind the brand is Taylor Reeve and her shoes really make a statement ladies. At first glimpse your eyes are admiring the details and bold elements that play off the shoe with the thought of, can I rock that?

That was my thought at first and than I became more interested with the uniqueness of the shoes. It’s different, eye catching and has a fun style to it. Shoes are suppose to be fun, flirty and you do want to make a statement with them as well. I love the concept behind Taylor Says, every style might not fit my personality but the brand is thinking outside the box when it comes to being creative and that’s what get’s you noticed.

Above are a few images of the statement makers that caught my attention I can see fly girls like Rihanna, Gwen Stefani and Pink nailing these shoes with an edgy outfit. The Royal Hearts $219 shoe caught my attention with the strong heart detail on the front, I think its gorgeous and can be worn with flowing dresses or fitted blazers. Another style was the Sharkie $199 I think it’s raw and I would love to see this on the runways of fashion week it will cause some chatter.

Click here to see a full collection of Taylor Says shoes.


Get Out Your Comfort Zone, Which Style Would You Rock?


Anonymous said...

Thise are hott!

nena said...

I love a great heel. I would definitely attempt to rock the yellow heels. I think the bold and bright color is perfect for summer.


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