Friday, March 29, 2013

Women’s Issues: Coffee Chat w/ my Mom

Thank you ladies for all your questions last month, I have decided to expanded the monthly Women’s Issues feature by having my mom involved as well. So many of you have amazing questions on life, kids, marriage, health, career, style etc.… and I think it’s best to have other women who have gone through many obstacles in life share their sides as well. I have only experience certain elements in my life so it would not be a fair call to assist someone when my knowledge on a topic hasn’t been experienced. So expect to see my mom on all future Women’s Issues topics, this could get interesting…
Topics Discussed
Explaining Menopause to Your Spouse
Women entering the Small Business World
Setting Curfew Times for Your Kids
Sexy Clothes + Men

Please leave your 2 comments for next month’s Women’s Issues below, best comment will win the beauty prizes. Giveaway ends 4/7/13 winner will be posted on blog and via Twitter link.
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