Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Beauty Giveaway: L'Oreal RevitaLift Miracle Blur

 Miracle Blur

New beauty buzz L'Oreal Revitalift Miracle Blur is helping us women with those difficult signs of aging. If you have issues with fine lines, wrinkles, and your pores this may be the beauty fix your skins been craving. As women we love to make sure our face is flawless no matter if it’s going to the grocery store, taking the kids to school or simply going to our 9-5. You can still do your normal beauty routine with this product by applying it daily after moisturizing and using last in your beauty regimen.  You can rock MIRACLE BLUR alone for a matte finish, or underneath makeup for a glowing soft look.


Question: Tell us your skincare issues that you face as a woman and what beauty means to you.

4 winners will be chosen and the person with best answer will win a extra MIRACLE BLUR for a friend!


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CosmeticCrazy said...

My skin concerns are fine lines, forehead wrinkles and uneven skintone/dark spots.

Beauty to me is feeling good, being positive, caring and understanding others and most of all I think just being genuine is beauty.

kelly said...

My skin concerns are bags under my eyes and big pores, my pores make me so self concious :(

beauty is more than just looks to me, beauty is being a good person, you can look beautiful on the outside but if your not beautiful on the inside then your not really beautiful!

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nena said...

I, like most women, face several issues when it comes to skincare. I am in my mid 30's and when I was young, I LOVED tanning. I tan very easily and I used to often pass up sunscreen and just use sun tanning lotion, even on my face. I never really had anyone to educate me and tell me how important it was to always use sunscreen. For this reason, I have lots of sunspots on my face, especially directly on my cheeks and nose. I suffer from dry skin and uneven skintone.

I think as I have gotten older and have become a mother, I have started to embrace my flaws and accept my own skin. I used to be the girl that wouldn't leave the house without a full face of makeup. Today I find that beauty doesn't mean having a full face of makeup and the perfect outfit and hairstyle. Beauty means being able to wake up and accept who you are, and not only accept it, but embrace it. I have now been able to wake up and face my husband and my kids with absolutely no makeup on and it feels amazing. Beauty means to love yourself, no matter what. We all face daily challenges, whether it is an imperfection in our skin, a medical condition, a physical disability, or an eating disorder. When we get to the point where we can be open about our imperfections and we can accept them and use our knowledge to help others, that to me, is true beauty.

Elaine said...

i have a lot of acne scars. beauty means feeling outward beauty from the beauty within all of us.


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