Friday, February 22, 2013

To The Readers



So glad it’s here, I am going to catch up on relaxing, reading my book “Hit Maker” finally after having it for 3 weeks now and spending some quiet time with friends and family. It’s been a non stop two weeks so sometimes you need that moment for yourself and I am there. But I am sure it won’t stop me from checking my Twitter #GlitterItCrew ; ) Also I finalized my design for my beauty line, below are the pics if you missed my tweets.

photo (38)photophoto (41)

Next week on the blog…

Upcoming Posts: Backpack Trends Spotted On The Runways, Maternity: Swimwear, College Girl Dress Code and more…

Upcoming Videos: Beauty Review: mark. Jewel Shine Perfume + Touch & Glow Shimmer Cream Cubes All Over Face Palette, Inside GlitterBuzzStyle Cosmetics, Women’s Issues Topics Answered and more…

Upcoming Giveaways: Forever 21, Body and Bath Pampering Set, Jane Iredale Pure Lip Glosses and more…

Hope you ladies have a fab weekend!



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nena said...

Hope you had a relaxing weekend. Your cosmetics line looks amazing. I cannot wait to get my hands on the products. Really looking forward to the video on the lin.


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