Thursday, February 14, 2013

Style Tips: 3 Easy Tricks To Add Style To Your Home

Blue Glass Bottles 16.5" tall $6 each / 6 for $5 each   Green Glass Bottles 16.5" Tall  $6 each / 6 for $5 each Clear Glass Bottles 16.5" tall $6 each / 6 for $5 each

Clear Glass Bottles 16.5" tall $6 each / 6 for $5 each

Jars/bottles are great simple necessities that you can add to a room for a creative look. You can find different styles at your local dollar store or go for some color at your arts and crafts store. These tall bottles are great for flowers you can add a bold fuchsia to the clear bottle or make it chic with all white roses in the green or blue. It doesn’t matter if your flowers are real or artificial just achieving a great look is what you are going for. 

Silver Mercury Glass Candleholders with Rhinestones $5.99 each / 6 for $4.59

Silver Mercury Glass Candleholders with Rhinestones $5.99 each / 6 for $4.59

If you share a bathroom it’s good to keep your feminine style alive just so you have a little something for yourself, candles are the best thing to get you in a great mood. Add a great design (candle holder) for your candles that dazzles or pick your favorite color and add it on your bathroom vanity. This addition is also great for a guest room, place it on each night stand and have the candles nicely lit when they walk in.

Birch Tree Branch Silhouette   6x6 Glass Cylinder Vase or Candleholder  $9 each

This candle holder is great for a home office or to incorporate on a bookshelf, it gives off a simple look that’s easy for your guy to like as well.


Pillows are the most flattering home accessory that can make a whole room come together. Whether it’s the living room, adding style to a chair or enhancing the glamour in your bedroom, pillows can do the trick.

 Round Velvet with Stones Pillow $24.95

This style is great for enhancing that already fabulous d├ęcor that you’ve created.

 Metallic Swirls Pillow - Smoke Blue $16.98

This style is the additional pop that fits in a room that’s already completed.

 Beige Stripe Pillow $12.98

This style is your safe approach if you like to keep things neutral you can always add a few pop shades within this color scheme.

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nena said...

I am a huge fan of clear bottles. I love finding unique bottles at thrift stores and making them my own. I add colored beads, potpourri, and artificial flowers to dress them up. You have to be creative and make things fit your style. Great post!


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