Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Trends: Big Bold Bright's

Ted Baker London 'Crystal Bobble' Matinee Wallet Ted Baker London 'Crystal Bobble' Matinee Wallet $140

Why We Love It: The wallet can be worn as a simple clutch for a dinner night out, it’s a great look for adding that dramatic pop and it’s a eye catcher.

Long Sleeve Ponte Body Con Dress
by Tinley Road $69

Why We Love It: The style works it’s magic like a LBD but with that flirt appeal, the color is beyond playful and it’s a great style to transition from day into night.

Daphnie Dress
by Milly $375

Why We Love It: The dress shows off your arms and the length makes your legs look like a runway model, the color is edgy add simple greys and nudes to the mix.

 Knife Pleat Maxi Dress $128

Why We Love It: It’s a statement maker at any given moment, the color is alive, the flow of the dress is sexy and it’s worth rocking.

 Elastic sandals $49.95

Why We Love It: These sandals are meant to bring out a style, make it chic with a LBD sheath dress or white jeans and a baby blue sheer blouse for a dramatic impact.

 Sapphire Gem Bib $34

Why We Love It: It’s your go to spring/summer color and accessory, great for jeans or summer white styles.

: Across Body Bag With Ruched Quilt $38.59

Why We Love It: The quilted design along with the rope chain gives it that fashionable style, the shade makes your wardrobe come alive so be daring when mixing it in your personal style.


Selene - Purple Chiffon
Paris Hilton $94.99

Why We Love It: It’s a light bold bright but it’s definitely stylish for the season, great with flowing dresses or that special occasion.


Unknown said...

I love these colors !!

nena said...

The last year I really took the plunge and tried wearing more bold solid colors. I love this because I think a lot of people steer away from bright and bold colors and stick to black because it is more classic and really flattering on the figure. But you have to change it up sometimes and go for that bold statement. Love it.


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