Thursday, January 3, 2013

Giveaway: Perfect Locks Vital Hair Collection

Win Perfect Locks Vital Hair Collection for your 2013 hair regimen, check the details in the video.

Giveaway Rules:
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Question: How Do You Keep Your Hairstyles looking fresh?
Bonus Points (NOT REQUIRED)
Twitter Tweets tag @glitterbuzzinfo and @perfectlocks with hashtag #giveaway for 10 extra entries a tweet. (Use twitter app below with VIDEO LINK) NO LIMIT
YouTube Video Response = 25 extra entries
Giveaway open to all
Ends 1/7/13/ MIDNIGHT EST. Winner will be posted on blog and via Twitter.
Special thanks to Sierra at Paige One and Gautama from Perfect Locks for making this giveaway possible for the readers ; )


nena said...

I love to mix up my hairstyle on a daily basis. On my first clean hair day, I will add some product and maybe diffuse my curly/wavy hair. On the 2nd day I will pull half of it up and secure it with bobby pins. On the 3rd day I might either rock a side messy bun or a simple side braid and add some accessories to make it a little more dressy. I just recently stopped washing my hair everyday and started using sprays to reactivate the curls in my hair on the 2nd and 3rd day. I try to deep condition my hair at least 2 times a month.

Unknown said...

I usually got with two styles that work for me; a pony tail and wavy hair !

SavannaBanana101 said...

I help my hair to maintain sleekness and a healthy look by putting leave in conditioner after every wash to lock in the moisture since my hair lacks shine, drink lots of WATER , and definetley lowering the use of hot tools!!

Cica said...

I wear my hair loose for a few days, and then I wear it in a pony tail, a bun, and I spray a bit of parfume so alcholol will dry it up a little and it smells nice and fresh!

Adell said...

Hey I was my hair every two days and in between both days I use batiste to add shine and volume a must have I recommend it, the first day I have it up in a ponytail bun ect so it doesn't pick up as much grease as possible meaning on the second day I have natural added moisture without the worry of added grease. I also try to limit the amount of heat product as possible. But I would love to have more adventurous hairstyles of the first day by using some of the products in your giveaway

Adell baker (YouTube) xxxx


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