Monday, December 10, 2012

Interview: Inside A i-Lipo Ultra+ Treatment w/ Dr. Sherry Li

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Looking our best is something that we all want to achieve when we pose in the mirror, rock that fabulous dress or just to help build our inner confidence. We all struggle with many issues with our bodies as woman and at times it can be very difficult and challenging to find the right sources to help get our bodies in the right direction.
One of the most common areas on the body that women struggle with is the “Muffin Top” it can be very unflattering and also very annoying when trying on clothes. Dr. Sherry Li from Dr. Li Wellness Center in Florham Park, New Jersey shows us how you can lose that “Muffin Top” with the help of i-Lipo Ultra + a 20-45 minute treatment that helps burn off the fat cells. The treatment works well also on “Love Handles”, “Double Chins”, “Flabby Arms” etc.… The i-Lipo Ultra + treatment is $2400 which is 4 treatment sessions and your results are seen right after.
Dr. Sherry Li showed us how easy and pain free the i-Lipo procedure works and how important it is to maintain your results with exercising. She also discusses the right types of foods that we should be applying in our daily diet for a great healthy lifestyle.

Special thanks to Jennifer F.  + Kerri B. at 5wpr for setting this up. And much thanks to Dr. Sherry Li for the wonderful interview and all the great tips ; )

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Unknown said...

I would like to know what is Dr. Sherry's diet plan.


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