Thursday, November 29, 2012

Fashion: Stocking Stuffers under $20


Studded Lace Yoke Pullover $17.80

Why We Love It: It’s more than your basic sweater it has a great stylish edge, perfect for gifting to a chica looking to get outside of their non-fashion comfort zone.



Why We Love It: It dazzles and looks like you splurged plus it’s a great accessory to rock at a fabulous party.

Triangle hand bracelet $13

Why We Love It: Add it to mix in with your simple jeans and t-shirt look or transition the style with a dress and bring some edge.

Tasha Bib Necklace (Special Purchase)

Tasha Bib Necklace $28

Why We Love It: Statement jewelry is a great look for any style, the colors are chic and flirty and this is beyond a great stocking stuffer gift.


Ultra Wet Look Leggings $28.14

Why We Love It: Your bestie will thank you for these fly badass finds, fun style for a glam night out and rock it with a button up blouse to remain chic.

Cardigan $29.95

Why We Love It: It’s not your ordinary cardigan it has major flavor, the style comes in a variety of colors, rock it with jeans, a skirt or dress so versatile.

Duffle Bag $24.95

Why We Love It: Handbags are always a perfect gift hands down, it’s pink it’ fabulous go get it!

Precious Metals Black and Silver Sunglasses $10

Why We Love It: It’s stylish enough to look wonderful with a gorgeous winter coat, it definitely makes a statement and at $10 get yourself a pair as well ; )


CosmeticCrazy said...

I almost bought that studded lace pullover yesterday! lol

nena said...

I love the look of pearls and ssiamonss together, it makes such a bold statement. I wish I had the legs to pull off wet look leggings.

Sjenny4406 said...

The pullover is very cute


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