Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Trends: Holiday Glitz



River Island Art Deco Diamante Stretch Head Band $31.66

How To Rock This:

This accessory is great to add with a simple look it brings instant glam to a casual style. Wear the hair up in a high bun or down in loose waves.


Sequin Blouson Dress $158

How To Rock This:

Bring on those nude suede open toe lace up booties, and a dramatic star studded sliver clutch. A cute hair style would be a part down the middle with two small side braids pinned in the back.

Beaded Box Clutch $89

How To Rock This:

Great of course with a LBD but also perfect for a trendy pair of skinny jeans, basic tee and a fitted black blazer theme. Add major accessories the bolder, the bigger the better.

Glitter Sandal $88

How To Rock This:

Perfect style for all your holiday glam looks it’s a signature shoe. Keep a matching accessories like a clutch, bold necklace or a strong fierce cocktail ring.

Sequin Mesh Skirt $24.95

How To Rock This:

A gorgeous sheer black or dark grey blouse that keeps true to its feminine presence and a pair of patent leather stilettos. Or for a causal glam look rock it with a comfy bold sweater, glitzy silver brooch and a sexy side braid.

Bejeweled Pumps $108

How To Rock This:

All the colors are fab for incorporating it with your holiday dresses or pants. Make a true statement with a bold coat and flawless makeup.


Glittery Body-con Dress $79.50

How To Rock This:

Great LBD for those holiday parties with your besties, rock a simple quilted handbag and suede pair of point heels. Keep the makeup bold red or deep pink.

Jewelry Box Clutch $89

How To Rock This:

It’s all about high force glam, so make sure your style is already over the top with this necessity. Perfect addition for those show off moments.


Unknown said...

I love the River Island Art Deco Diamante Stretch Head Band

Anonymous said...

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