Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Trends: The Bold + Beautiful


That's a Wrap Black Long Sleeve Dress  - Click Image to Close

That's a Wrap Black Long Sleeve Dress $47

Wrapped dresses are always an easy way to make a fashion statement because they fit very well on the body and can be glam with just the right key accessories. This style has a strong flirty vibe that makes it a great transitional dress for a late night outing.


Qupid Potion 05 Black and Beige Cap-Toe Pointed Pumps  - Click Image to Close

Qupid Potion 05 Black and Beige Cap-Toe Pointed Pumps $29

Cap-toe shoes are a bold statement because of the wide variety of colors and styles that they come in. It’s all about adding a wow factor in the mix of your wardrobe when it comes to this trend. Rock this style with an all white cream attire for a much needed effect.


H+M Pants $49.95

Printed pants are all the rave in the trend world this season and the no matter the print, it will remain the talk of the town. The trend can be passing chic or edgy depending on your parings with your style. Doing it up in a unique way allows for the boldness to come alive.


H+M Skirt $29.95

Lace details paired with other strong patterns are a strong fashion trend this season. Add the feminine touch with metallic, deep plums or two-tone styles.


H+M Tube Scarf $9.95

The tube scarf is a limelight of shining color and it’s a great addition to add a bit of flavor for the cooler weather. Look for not just bold colors but amazing patterns to stick out from the crowd.

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