Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Giveaway: In My Closet

A giveaway on a few stylish trends that I can no longer wear anymore.
Sizes are small, if interested just state the items you want in the comment section.
The giveaway will end 9/12/12


kmhunt.aua said...

Hi, hehehe I guess everyone's closet are getting full LOL.
Mine is getting low, I did some giveaways of my big clothes.
So, I've seen the video & just loved some of it & would definitely like to get it or them.

- Maxi Dress [Love this dress! Just that mine got so big & it's not available anymore to order]
- Parrot dress the blue & the teal/grey! either one of them, they're just so adorable & no worries with the sides. We can fix that within minutes lol.
- The champagne purse/shoes details dress/long blouse.. lovely!
- Purple dress with the belt, looks very easy to wear and especially in this sunny weather.
- Mesh sheer dress with teal/baby blue flower details. Very beautiful.

Also did like the cheetah pattern dress but I'm a 5'8" and if it's short of length for you, to me it would be like a tunic.

Hope I could win these or one of them. After having surgery I never knew loosing weight and constantly buying clothes was going to cost me more $ and also giveaways. Now that I'm a Small or sometimes a Medium... The weight has stopped falling. So, can't wait to see the winner. Hope it's me lol.

Thank you doll & it's a good way that you're doing this or for charity. do not ever throw good stuff away!

Bridget said...

First off everything is beautiful and I love your taste in fashion! I would love to have the purple dressed with the jeweled bodice, the green tube dress, the parrot dress, and the leopard print black and white dress. As you can see I love dresses!!! I would be honored if you would consider me for these items. Thanks for such a generous giveaway as usual I know whoever wins will be very lucky to have any of these beautiful items.

CosmeticCrazy said...

My favorites which would also suit my style are:

* The Leopard Print Dress.
* The Maxi Dress.
* The Parrot Print Dresses

Thank-you for sharing your fashion goodies!

GG said...

I really love olive green parrot dress, lipstick champagne dress/shirt , leopard dress, material girl dress with mesh :)

Unknown said...

olive green parrot dress
Leopard Print Dress its so diva looking
champagne purse.
i really love to win that pl

Anonymous said...

shoulder black top N
fitted silver cheeta print dress
thx for the giveaway ,i am glad if i could win,because i don't hv money to buy much dress.

Unknown said...

the black dress n pink one sleeve dress,silver cheeta print dress
thx hun

Unknown said...

The short fitted leopard print dress
black dress




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