Friday, August 3, 2012

Trends: Under $20

Trends under $20

1. Baver Necklace $18 It’s a great statement necklace that offers that unique look for a dull outfit.

2. Mossimo Black® Women's High-Low Knit Skirt - Assorted Colors $17.99 The style is a great transitional style, add a blazer jacket and a clutch.

3. ASOS Shift Dress with Cut Out Sides $16.57 This adds juicy details with the cut-outs great shade for a fun night out.

4. Striped flats $14.90 A stylish way to rock flats, buy them with edge styles. The stripes really stand alone.

5. Skinny Heart Waist Belt $4.80 A simple belt with a bold color statement adds everything to your outfit.

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