Friday, August 10, 2012

New Product: Foot Petals For Women In High Heels


Keeping our feet in order as a woman is so important no matter what season we are in. And a woman in high heels will always play a major role in our personal style as we rock the latest trends but keeping our feet comfortable is just as important.

A great necessity from Foot Petals that will keep your feet happy in those high heels are two amazing products the Stiletto Shieldz & Pressure Pointz, both products are fashion friendly and very discreet.

Foot Petals Stiletto Shieldz, Clear

Here is the scoop on each new buzz:

Stiletto Shieldz

  • protects your stiletto high heels from scuffs or scratches while appearing invisible to the eye
  • works on leather, synthetics, wood, etc.
  • affordable price $6.95

I love the fact that you don’t have to worry about damaging a great pair of heels especially the one’s you splurge on ; )

Pressure Pointz

  • small shoe cushions that women in high heels can stick in a specific spot of their shoes to create a defense layer between their shoe and skin to avoid blisters and uncomfortable rubbing.
  • affordable price $6.95

So we can ditch the routine of adding band-aids or tape to help with this problem and just enjoy a more practical solution.

Both products are affordable at $6.95 so that is great for the budgetnista and you can grab them at departments stores like Nordstrom's or check them out at

My favorite two products from Foot Petals that work perfect my high heels are the Killer Kushionz which helps with toe crunch and overhang of the toes plus you can rock it in open toe heels! The Tip Toes are super ideal for protecting the bones and tissues at the ball of the foot, perfect for long days at the office and city walking!

Foot Petals

Foot Petals has a wide range of comfort products so you will find something that will work for your foot issues.


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