Friday, August 24, 2012

Giveaway: Mizani Supreme Oil Mask

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Giveaway ends 8/27/12 11:59PM EST.
3 Winners will be posted only on the blog

Special thanks to Amanda R. at Bratskeir & Co. and Mizani for making this giveaway possible for the readers ; )


{*--*} InnerMostThoughts said...

My hair is so dry and brittle. I think this product will be amazing for my hair.

Unknown said...

i wanna try this because my hair is really dry, frizzy, looks dull, no glow, and everything that u could think that is a problem... it all started when i started dyeing my hair. hay
i hope i could try this product if it could do miracles in my damaged hair....
i would be really grateful if i would have that Mizani Supreme Oil Mask.
i tweeted about it. @OhYamie

Bridget said...

I would really love to try this product for my hair because I struggle with dryness, breakage, and dullness. This seems like a great product to combat all these problems and at this point I really need something to restore my hair. Thanks for another fabulous giveaway!!
Twitter: @MsCocaCola85
Yt: MsCocacola85

Unknown said...

i've been natural for four year but never really took care of my hair. i recently dyed it blonde and most of it fell out. i've made a plague to really start taking care of my hair and my body together at once. i want my hair to be healthy, really don't care if its long. just want something that will help my hair back to the way it was. thanks for the giveaway!

CosmeticCrazy said...

Hmmm, my main hair concern is that my hair is coarse with an annoying natural wave to it and it's very brittle. It breaks easily and I always notice a lot of "fall-out" after shampooing and brushing :/ Thank you :)

kelly said...

I would love to try this, i have curly hair that is dry/frizzy and always breaking. It's always dull and lifeless, i would love to see if it will help my hair!

Ive tweeted -

Thank you for another giveaway :D

Yolanda said...

About six months ago my hair started falling out due to stress. I started a healthy hair journey shortly after only using great quality products that would restores my natural softness. And by using products rich in natural oils. My hair is lacking moisture and manageability those two things are my concerns. I have seen many wonderful reviews on Mizani products. I would really love to try Mizani Supreme Oil Satin Crème Moisturizing Mask. Thank-You.

My yt name is mrsskyrob69

Unknown said...

My YouTube Channel is Amatreas and my Twitter Handle is Ivori Murray.

My hair is dry, has split ends, is frizzy and has fly-always; UGH ! I just want smooth, shiny hair :)

cakegraphix said...

I would like to try this New Mizani Supreme Oil Mask because since 2005 I have been in and out of the hospital constantly, on high doses of medications, and strict diet regimens. Throughout these ups and downs my hair has struggled to keep up. I have gone from stunted growth, to 2-3 different textures in my natural hair, changed curl pattern, extreme dry and split end, and worst of all HEAVY breakage, leading to my decision to cut my mid-back length hair to about 2" all around. It is finally growing back now, but it has been a great struggle.


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