Friday, June 22, 2012

Instagram + Twitter: Week Of Photos


photo (31)photo (32)

1. A taste of cheap Zinfandel, but it did its job!  2. My Father’s Day scenery good food and a peaceful setting!

photo (33)photo (34)

3. My cooking skills whipped up Tilapia, rice + beans and potato salad. 4. Toast with OJ and orange vodka!

photo (35)photo (36)

5. Who doesn’t LOVE bacon right after a work out, LOL 6. $12.99 @marshalls so cute and cheap!

photo (38)photo (37)

7. A Girls Day Out in Long Branch, white wine, pineapples, mangoes and strawberries. 8. Bikini $17.99 @ Target ( can’t believe it fits)!

photo (40)photo (39)

9. Starbucks to start the morning 10. A new dress $16.99 @TJMaxx my dressed ripped on the way to Girls Day Out trip and I got this ; (

photo (43)photo (42)

11. Love the color but I had to apply it 3x!! Jamaica Me Crazy 12.I had this on Father’s Day a bit too much BUT we CELEBRATED!


Ashley said...

Cool photos. Is that a swim suit as #6? That's cute!

CPD said...

@Ashley #6 Are the leopard shoes #8 is the swimsuit, from Target. Will organize the number system better this week ; )


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