Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Events: The Makeup Show NYC Inside Glitzy Lips


S2070044 The second floor of The Makeup Show in NYC was crowed with women spending their energy going crazy over a brand called “ Glitzy Lips” to my attention I became amazed by the encrusted sparkle and glitz myself.  Spokesmodel Erin Nicole gave me the 411 on the brand, her favorite shade and the application process. Too bad I didn't experience the fascination of “Lips That Pop, Make The Party Rock” I would have tried of course, Pink Couture. Check the video below on the details.

Inside Glitzy Lips

The brand has eight sparkly shades something bold and daring for every women, celebrities that have rocked the trend include Katy Perry, Beyoncé, Cassie and Jessie J.

Check out the technique on applying and removing Glitzy Lips demonstrated by the President of Glitzy Lips Athena Elliott

Special thanks to Erin Nicole for giving me the scoop on the brand, your lips rocked!

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