Thursday, May 17, 2012

Events: The Makeup Show Inside Stila

The Makeup SHow Stila 1

As I worked my way through the first level of The Makeup Show in NYC, I heard great music, seen a large crowd and men that were shirtless with the words tattooed all over with the words “Stila”. (It was definitely time to stop) I have heard about the brand before but I had never tried their products so with a deep curiosity and their fun atmosphere I was ready to become their newbie. Sarah Bolton, their Proteam Artist Trainer was delighted to give the beauty buzz on Stila’s new products that are fabulous! Plus she shares a beauty don’t that women should be aware of even the celebrities too ; ).

Check out the video!

Stila and Chas

Special thanks to Sarah Bolton at Stila Cosmetics for the good times and sharing the new beauty products with me, I love them all!

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