Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Events: Converse Launch


Converse Paramus Launch

I attended the Converse store launch which open doors on May 5th in Paramus, NJ, if you’re looking for that timeless classic sneaker Converse is still the champion.

With a variety of styles that’s suitable for us women, men and the little one’s you can definitely find something appealing that caters to your style. The fun concept that has put Converse on a fashionable side is their customized ink bar which allows you to be creativity and design your own sneaker and t-shirt with a wide selection of colors, patterns, logos and laces all on a Ipad. The use of the technology allows you explore so many unique designs with the help of their in-store artists known as the “Customization Maestros”. The process takes about 20-30 minutes depending on your creativity outlook and the results is your one of kind fashion style.

Check out my customized sneaker, I know I didn’t go too crazy because I wanted to be able to rock it with simple styles. I added my pink NYC script logo and of course some black sparkly laces for that glitzy effect.


                                                                                                         Pic taken with Instagram


Inside Converse Launch


To check out how you can customized your very own Converse sneaker or apparel click here.

Special thanks to Marina L. and David D. at HLGRP for the invite and my fabulous sneakers : )

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