Monday, May 7, 2012

Beauty: Great Finds Under $10

e.l.f. Studio 85-Piece Complete The Look Palette $10

Why We Love It: It gets you set for the spring and summer season and let’s you experiment with a variety of shades. The perfect starter palette to get you on the right track before a high end purchase.

NYX Waterproof Concealer $5


Why We Love It: The wide range of choices that work for many fixes. You can get your basic shade and also choose something for red eyes and major target issues for an affordable price.

Sephora Slim Pink Atomizer $3

Why We Love It: It’s a cute addition in your handbag and it’s always good to have your signature scent so accessible.

Forever 21 Coral Reef Nail Polish $2.80

Why We Love It: The shade is amazing for pop, you can test it and sense it’s only $2.80 and get the rest of the collection for your summer manicures and pedis.

H+M Makeup Bag $4.95

Why We Love It: A new look to your makeup bag is key, this brings a bit of summer and the look is vibrant. Even rock this as a clutch for those beach outdoor Pina coladas days!  ; )

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