Monday, May 21, 2012

Accessories: Under $38


Felicia Cat Eye Sunglasses in Mustard Gold Felicia Cat Eye Sunglasses in Mustard Gold $15.75

Why We Love It: It’s a great stylish look, you can wear it with a casual style or make it fab with a wrapped dress.


Norma Clutch in Black Norma Clutch in Black $37.50

Why We Love It: This is a great glam bag for a stunning night out, it looks amazing with a LBD just fun and glitzy!

Bold in Pink Ring Bold in Pink Ring $10

Why We Love It: It’s great for a easy pop effect and adds a bit of an edge with a denim and t-shirt look.

Steven Metallic Blue Bead Earrings Steven Metallic Blue Bead Earrings $7.50

Why We Love It: It’s a small little something but can be that wow factor with a sleek bun or high ponytail.


Fatya Semi Precious Stone Drape Necklace Fatya Semi Precious Stone Drape Necklace $29.75

Why We Love It: It’s a classic chic look, the color of the stones works well with a all white style.

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