Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Trends: Sequins

Rose Applique Tunic $49.50

This gorgeous red tunic is a easy style to rock for the holiday season and for a flirty night out.

How To Rock This: Fitted black pants or trendy leggings, red hot red platforms or suede OTK boots.



Embellished Sweater Dress $59.50

The color is flattering on all skin tones and the embellished details dresses it up for a formal setting.

How To Rock This: Dazzling silver open toe stilettos with a embellished style on the front and add a shiny metallic polish on the nails.


Sequin Wrap Skirt $98

This skirt is very feminine and has a strong chic effect you can also rock it flirty.

How To Rock This: A simple nude or off white cardigan with a nude pump also add a glitzy bracelet for the cherry on top.


Sequin Cardigan Sweater $79.50

This cardigan sweater is simply the best look for a casual style.

How To Rock This: Your favorite skinny jeans and a comfy top, you can also wear a comfy pair of Uggs. Key thing is to add beautiful accessories and have flawless makeup.


Anonymous said...

Love the Rose Applique Tunic looks great for this festive season :)

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