Monday, December 19, 2011

Haul + Giveaway


Great products from Oscar de la Renta, Annie sez and Proactiv giveaway.

Inside the Accessories

M1050002Love the accessories it forces you to look gorgeous.



Question: What’s your acne story (3-5 sentences please)

Bonus Points: Retweet this giveaway on Twitter (use share link its underneath (7 extra entries)

Comment on the blog (5 extra entries)

Contest ends 12/30 open to all.


jhessica said...

I was in 1st year high school at the time -- 12 or 13, I forgot -- and I got a huge red pimple on the tip of my nose. Following the advice of my mom, I squeezed it, and the result was a long, thick string of pus that seemed to have no end. Never got another pimple quite like that.

and i retweet it to my twitter

super duper love the nacklace...

Shi (greeneyedbbw25) said...

well i have entered this for my daughter she is 11 and has been using proactive and well mommy can no longer get it for her she saw this giveaway and flipped i have been a loyal subbie and we watch ur videos together

and i retweeted it heres the link!/captiveheartz/status/148969234523881472

mynena32 said...

heey girl love the site. a;so lovin tht bright colored pencil skirt.

Michelle Hwang said...

hey so thanks for this giveaway and i think that you're really beautiful!
my YT: michellehwan
twitter: meechellehwang


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