Friday, December 2, 2011

Beauty: Face Of The Day

S1720005Bold beauty statements aren’t just about the eye shadows bright theme but it can be just as simple as a bold pout! Check out my beauty look and what products rocked this look!


Products Used

S1720007It Cosmetics Concealer in Deep $24 I used as a foundation, it comes off a bit shiny but works great as a foundation.

S1720008Yagolicious palette is from a older season I actually used their S1720004 bronzed eye shadow as a blush for a glowing effect. Yagolicious has new beauty line check them out here.

S1720010Jemma Kidd Smoke It Up Kit $22 is great for a smoky eye look, I used the black on the lower lids,S1720003 the light bronze in the crease and the pale white in the brow bone. Love the palette because you can achieve a smoky look with all five shades.S1720006 My lips were burning hot with Elizabeth Arden lipstick in Rouge $22.50 its so rich in red and dramatic, great color for the season.

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Anonymous said...

Love the red lip. Gorgeous!


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