Monday, October 3, 2011

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What’s HOT in Skinny Jeans For The Fall

Refuge Flirty Everyday Skinny

Refuge Flirty Everyday Skinny


Why We Love It: It’s a great style if you’re looking for a every day skinny jean to rock at college or for a fun night out on a week day with the chicas. It’s affordable and will work well with a bright chunky sweater or your fabulous UGG boots.


VS Pencil Jean


Why We Love It: It’s all about the length in these jeans, this style is great for a basic fitted blouse or a flirty top. Show it off with amazing heels and your set!


Tall High-waisted skinny jean in adore me wash

Tall High-waisted skinny jean in adore me wash


Why We Love It: These high-waisted jeans have much sex appeal, you can rock this with a simple cardigan or rider boots. The style is chic and very flattering on women who give good height.


7 For All Mankind


Why We Love It: The color is glam and so is the style. This fit it great for showing off curves and can be dolled up for a day into nighttime outfit.



Crash & Burn Indie Skinny Stretch Jean


Why We Love It: The embroider details give it a fashionable twist plus it’s a great show off style to rock with stilettos, OTK boots and booties!


Simone M said...

I'm sorry, but I just have to comment on your typos....

A every day skinny jean should read
AN everyday skinny jean

A fun NIGHT out on a week DAU is just wrong. How about a fun night out during the week instead?

Show off with amazing heels and YOUR set, should be YOU'RE set.

The IS great for should read The fit IS great for

The embroider details should read either The Embroidery or Embroidered details. (Pick your fave)

And what does the term, "women who give good height" mean?

You really need an editor. The content is good, but it doesn't excuse a lack of writing skills.

Simone M said...

Oops meant DAY not DAU.
Sorry, tried to go back in and edit, but your comment program doesn't allow for edits.


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