Friday, September 2, 2011

GlitterBuzzStyle: Review + Giveaway

Mattese Elite Nail Polish - Crackalacquer Collection



The last of this review ends with the silver and blue shades, both are great limelight rockers with a fierce edge. The best color to make this look stand out was black and I think the look speaks for itself.


S1620027The crackle took a full minute for it to settle in. I heart the silver shade since the crackle was more visible on the black. The crackle last for about a week but with the  crackle trend 5 days should be kept and be ready to go for a new style.


S1620030The top coat I used was from L.A Girl a simple matte black.


A Set of


Question: What will you miss about the Summer season?


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Special thanks to Kristen S. at d2publicity for the samples!

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stevesgurl26@yahoo.com0 said...

the thing i will miss most about summer is camping with the family and missing the warm weather...thanks for the giveaway

stevesgurl26 at yahoo dot com


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