Monday, August 15, 2011

Events: Rebecca Minkoff Fall 2011 Collection Party

Inside Rebecca Minkoff’s Fall Collection 2011
I attended Rebecca Minkoff’s Fall Collection thanks to winning VIP tickets through Mintbox, it was very exciting to get close to the designer and mix and mingle. But it was even more amazing to see a wide range of fabulous handbags, fashions, shoes and meet wonderful individuals as well. Take a look at the footage to get a feel of all the action.

Inside Scoop

The Handbags
A wide range of styles for every woman and every personality. You get a mix of leopard, studs, tassels, zippers, bold statements, neutrals and so much more. I found many styles that I would rock and love. There is something for everyone in this collection.

S1560115S1560042S1560043S1560052S1560095(1)S1560096(1)S1560015S1560016S1560017Forever ClutchS1560018S1560019Sweetie BagS1560025Blush, Mab Mini Bombe +Flirty BagsS1560026S1560027Flatter Drawstring Bag, Cheetah Haircalf Buckle Clutch, Fling + Rumor BagsS1560029S1560030S1560032S1560033
The Shoes
Fun, chic and edgy.
ARROJO Studio Stylist: Lauren
Make braids a do, the look is very feminine and elegant.

The Fashions
The Scene
S1560040The Theater Bar made some delicious watermelon, green grapes and strawberry cocktails.

The night was fabulous and I am glad I captured the moment in pictures and video. Special thanks to Rebecca Minkoff for extending the invite to bloggers and you make being pregnant look very beautiful.

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Ashley said...

Looks like it was a lot of fun. I think if I could I would get every other purse you snapped a picture of.


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