Friday, July 1, 2011

GlitterBuzzStyle: Review + Giveaway






Back for another round from the Sally Hansen Crackle Collection, this shade is called Fuchsia Shock. Every woman loves a good shade of pink and pink is a great shade for the summer.


S1420004The crackle style looked gorgeous this time around, everything fell right into place and I was very happy with the ending results.




S1420007The duo color scheme of the gold and pink is a great wear for a day and night out look. For a great evening out it adds a glamorous touch to a outfit.



S1420008The color duo combination that added to this look was Nicole by OPI in Sea How Far You Go.



S1420003I enjoyed this shade a lot another fave to add to my list, off to a new shade next week check back!





Fuchsia Shock


Pink is a hot shade for the summer so get in the groove and enter this giveaway.

Question: What makes pink a hot shade?

Bonus Points: Tweet this on twitter and gain 15 extra entries points (3x daily max)

The contest is open to all, please include YT handle and Twitter handle

Contest ends 7/15 winners will be posted on the blog 7/16


destroydj0503 said...

there is no right or wrong answer for this one if you can rock out hot pink then go for it its a fun and sexy color for any age so i would say rock it and let go lol

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

pink is just a pretty color & it POPS, the color will go with anything and make your nails look soo cute !!

twitter: @ilovereesiie
YT: ReesiieMarie

vintageheart said...

Pink is a hot shade, because it contrasts so well with other lighter colors. Also, pink is just one of those colors that's versatile... it can look sophisticated or sexy depending on how you wear it. Thanks for having this giveaway! :)

My YouTube: vintage0heart

Aoife Carroll said...

Pink is a hot shade because it is so vibrent and stands out :) It's a fun colour but can be toned down too :)

YT- Sunsetb23

Ashley said...

I love pink regardless, so I'm going to have to say because it's the best color out there lol. It's loud & it pops. Great for summer

Leslie K said...

It looks pretty on all skin colors. It also is a bright color for summer. Is a girly color. I love all pinks especially hot pink. Thx for giveaway.

YT -lllelly316

CPD said...


Unknown said...

Pink is just so pretty and its great for a pop of colour to an outfit. I think that it suit every girl and even boy.

Twitter: HelenaHeiena
Youtube: oKazumi69


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