Wednesday, June 8, 2011

GlitterBuzzStyle: Outfit Of The Day

Trendy Maxi



    S1310011   With this look I wanted to rock something very simple and easy but with a bit of style. You know those days when you don’t want to think about what you wearing. But what you do decide to put on still has to look good.  Kisses to the Fed-ex guy you made the day brighter with a package ; )


S1310018   Since I will be outside a lot for the next two weeks I am all about being covered up from the sun completely. Plus it was very windy and a cute denim look or cardigan was a great option but I opted for the denim theme because I knew it could make the look very trendy. JACKET: Bitten (Steve + Barry’s) I love this jacket I’ve had it for about 3-4 years when Sarah Jessica Parker was starting her clothing line called Bitten. I fell in love because sometimes a good denim jacket is hard to find. I wish she kept her clothing line, nothing was under $20.

S1310021 So as the sun goes down the jacket of course comes right off, now this Maxi Dress is so comfortable I love the fact that I was able to move round and not feel super hot in it. It’s long but not to the point where you are tripping on anything so to the short girls you can rock this!!

S1310022   This look can be a meet up after work for cocktails look by adding a cute black wedge heel or fun jewels. I also love the fact you can rock it has a halter top or tube dress it gives a lot of support I never felt like I had to constantly pull it up. I would always recommend wearing a bra with these dresses just so everything looks curvy and in place. DRESS: mark It's A Long Story Dress $34

S1310025 My shoes are very, very casual that’s the great thing about this style you can be simple and you can also glam it up. These flip flops are my life savers and I will never ditch them. My first time covering backstage press fashion week in 2008 was new and exciting but not very glamorous. I didn’t know the CRAZY until after my first week.

S1310026My high heels broke, my tote bag straps popped, my feet had so many burns from the constant running around it was not the runway glam from my end. Thank god K-Mart was across my job and that’s where these flip flops came into my life. It was a challenge because the shoes at K-Mart are not that fashionable but these had a touch of gold so it’s still in my shoe closet. SHOES: K-MART I think it costs $5-8.

 S1310027   Since I rocked a denim jacket it was only fair to add a matching handbag to the mix.

S1310030 I really love this bag the inside has blue and white stripes and it has enough space for all our unnecessary FABULOUS! The style can be gorgeous with an all white dress or fun shopping with your basic skinny jeans.

 S1310031HANDBAG: mark Patched Up $30

My watch/bracelet was a perfect match to rock with the gold trimmings of the flip flops plus it’s a cute light piece of jewelry. Accessories: XoXo bracelet watch



    S1310035 Overall I love my look hopefully you found some trendy pieces you love as well, happy shopping.


Check back for a full review on all the mark items in this Outfit Of The Day and how you can snag the It’s A Long Dress for your summer wardrobe!


Special thanks to Erica Leia S. at Kaplow PR for the samples ; ) love it all!!


Neon Diamonds by Melissa Burwell said...

I totally forgot about SJP clothing line! Thanks for the reminder and go girl!

CPD said...

@Melissa I know she just moved on from it after the movie, thanks for the comment!


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