Wednesday, June 1, 2011

GlitterBuzzStyle: Nails + Giveaway

Sally Hansen Crackle Collection

 Ink Splatter $6.95



So the craze that people are going for is the crackle look and I am so shocked this is such a popular look on nails. I honestly enjoy a simple manicure maybe a few embellished jewels or flowers on the nail but this crackle theme to me is only best for a night out look.

S1280008  I wanted to rock this shade for a week look so I decide a pretty pink combo with black on a few nails would be a safe way. Sometimes a crackle theme can be a little over the top for work but if it’s a weekend night look grab your chica’s and rock it!S1280015 S1280016   Do apply a thick coat of this because it comes out very little, don’t be afraid to get heavy the crackle becomes more visible this way.

You can use any polish for your base color and play around with it if you love to be daring. (I did use Orly’s Lollipop shade) If you want to wear shades that are more suitable for work go for the silver and gold overcoat.


Check back for more shades of this collection as I try them out.




S1280014 I am all about sharing info to my readers + followers and there’s nothing more I love to do than allow YOU to try things that I get to try. What’s the fun of watching me rave about it if you can’t afford or may not have this available to you. So I am going to do a giveaway on every polish from the Sally Hansen Collection first with the Ink Splatter.


Question: Why do you Heart the crackle theme?

Contest ends 6/15/11 Winners will only be posted on the blog 6/16/11

Retweet on Twitter for bonus points (3x daily max)



Special thanks to Glamour Magazine for the samples I am curious to see how the other shades will look!


tigereye182 said...

Why do you Heart the crackle theme?

because it looks different. people always comment on it. it definitely stands out! and because it's such a careless pattern it doesn't matter if you get a little chip on your nail polish because no one will ever notice :)

btw- my youtube name is: inaliem

Milz said...

because it's a new idea atleast I have never seen this before and for lazy girl like me who is really not good at nail art but still wants her nails to look pretty and different from others and have some pattern on it this polish is an easy way to get it.
I tweeted here:!/alvirazaidi/status/75971204929961984
YT name: Alvirazaidi

Milz said...

Another tweet:!/alvirazaidi/status/75975292392439808

Milz said...

3rd tweet:!/alvirazaidi/status/75975597851029505

Unknown said...

I love it because its so unique and new. i love how its different everytime you use it and there are many colours you can mix it with <3

Twitter : helenaheiena
Youtube: oKazumi69

cece said...
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cece said...

I love the crackle theme because it is something new and edgy, And it definetly give that "WOW" factor to any simple nail color.
twitter: @Cecelyfe

Maggie said...

I just think it looks like cool nail art, but it's really easy!

cece said...

I also like it because its a qucik and easy way to get amazing nail art, and it takes basically no skill on my part,lol =].

twitter: @Cecelyfe

Wynell said...

I heart the crackle theme because its unique and edgy = )
twitter :prettynelly_1
YT: prettynelly1 email Tweeted


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