Tuesday, June 14, 2011

GlitterBuzzStyle: Face Of The Day


This Face Of The Day was all about being natural on a hot day. Makeup gives us all that look of a flawless beauty but we all have a natural beauty that makes us unique. Sometimes too much makeup can take that unique quality away so don’t be afraid to keep things simple, you will still look FABULOUS!


I only rocked a bronzer for this look and I felt gorgeous and confident plus it was so simple I was done with my look in a flash!


Physicians Formula Sunset Strips is a great palette for giving you an all in one look. So I applied the top golden shade on my lower lids to bring out the eyes for that awaken look. I went down to the darkest bronze last shade and added that in the creases for a bit of boldness. I ended the brow bone with the middle bronzer that has that copper effect.


I applied my Jemma Kidd Mascara because her brand rocks in bringing out the lashes!



S1250004For the cheeks I just took a brush and swirled it around the whole palette and allowed for it to blend all the shades together for a great golden glow. The shades are buildable so do start soft until you get the right glow for your skin’s shade.S1250007


S1250003For my lips you know I had my Revlon ColorBursts in Hot Pink ready to go, I am so in love with this shade, it’s so luscious.


S1250006So I was able to achieve an amazing look with these few beauty items, now go out and do the same chicas!

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