Tuesday, May 10, 2011

GlitterBuzzStyle: Summer Hats


Play It Up

Whether you’re out shopping in the city or have a PiƱa colada in hand at the pool, rocking a gorgeous summer hat is ideal. Straw hats are great for the shade, looking feminine and brings out a classic look. Look for simple styles that would work well with your personality.


Summer straw hat

Summer straw hat


This navy color is fierce and brings a strong elegance to a style with all white. If you’re into royal blues this season it’s the perfect pop shade and the over-sized look makes the style come more alive.


Eugenia Kim

Honey Sunhat


This style is great for casual shopping and morning brunch, it’s a trend that can work well with chic outfits and a beach day look.

Bead Trimmed Floppy Hat

If you want a style that’s easier on your pockets a simple inexpensive hat is easy to find. This one offers multi-colored beads giving you a variety to mix up your looks. Also you can always buy brooches with a glam effect and stick it on the hat to give it a more expensive style.



Cara Accessories Straw Hat

Cara Accessories Straw Hat


This style is more girly and fun and has a soft presence to it. You can totally rock this look with your maxi dresses and also a simple Sunday day out look as well.


Poolside Vacation Straw HatPoolside Vacation Straw Hat


This hat is all about the pool and looking your best in and out of the water. The satin bow trim gives it a Jackie-O feel but it’s still sassy and gives great fashion sparks!

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