Monday, May 16, 2011

Review: Laura Geller Dream Team Duo

Laura Geller
Dream Team Duo $39


Looking for a new brand to rock for the start of the summer season, I may have found it for you with Laura Geller. I am enjoying the Dream Team Duo because it makes being beautiful simple.

S1160005With a touch of berry on the cheeks and a lip palette like no other, with shades far from the usual. This duo set is definitely one to consider. It’s so fly my mom who’s 50 (fabulous and all) loved the lip palette colors because it they were very feminine.

The simple pink mauve shade makes a fresh face look flawless. The color is perfect for your signature shade and you can build and blend or shades in the palette to get a unique color on your lips.
It’s all about the Berry shade, great color for an awakening look or  a quick get up and go routine.
I love this Tangerine and pink blend, it’s different and it makes a statement.
The bronze with a gold metallic effect~
 S1190017 Great color for glam nights out, its best for those late night affairs!
I really enjoyed these products because it’s very unique from the other brands. It’s wearable for all woman regardless of age and it stands out from your basic color combo themes. As women we love trying something new that makes us stand out and feel fabulous all day long. I feel it with these Laura Geller products, (hey didn’t you see my lip tweet ; )

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Ashley said...

I love the colors & variety.


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